7 Card Stud Poker

How to play: 7 Card Stud Poker - The basic rules of the game

One of the variations of stud poker is the Seven-card stud. This variant of the poker game has been popular for a very long time. In most of the games there are either two players or eight players. Though the rules are common, yet if there are eight players then the game requires special rules. The game falls in the category of betting card games. Different games are played using various types of bets. The betting is done clockwise. The player who has the highest hand in poker starts the game. If you want to learn how to play: 7 card stud poker then in short you should follow the sequence of two down then four up and finally one down When the game start each player is given two cards which are face down and one card with face up. If the game start with a bring in then the player with the lowest rank up card has to pay the bring in. the player whose turn is next may not check as the bring-in is taken as an open. Open is the act of making the first bet voluntarily. If there is a tie between players, that means they both have low cards with equal ranks then suit might be used as a tie breaker. The first round of betting begins if there is no bring-in. In this the player has to show the upcard with the highest ranking. After the first round of betting an upcard is given to every player.

When the second round starts the player who has the best poker hand will be the first one to act. After the second round the third round of betting and upcard follows, and then the fourth round of betting and upcard and then comes the final round of down card. In the final round every player composes the five card poker hand which is the best he can from among the seven cards that he was given. One thing should be noted if you want to learn how to play: Seven card stud poker. It is that though there are 52 cards in a deck but in the game of eight players, if seven cards are given to each player in addition to four burn card, then it comes to 60 cards. This will not be a problem as in almost every game most of the players will fold in early rounds of betting itself. But there are some games that are low-stakes then you might have to restrict the number of players to seven only. In contrast to the game of draw poker, the game of stud poker is different. This is because in stud poker players are allowed to use the information that they acquire from the cards that is face up. This helps in, making strategic decisions. This is helpful for a player as he can know that the card that is face up will not come in the hand of another opponent so he can make his decision accordingly.