Five Card Draw

The game of five card draw is one of the oldest versions of poker. The game is not difficult to play and even to understand. This is one of the most common home games that are played. The main target of the players playing this game is to triumph the pot. This can be done if a player has the finest hand in the end or bet that much that the opponents opt out. Players who have a very strong hand try to make the most of the sum of money that is in the pot. And the players who do not have a good hand will try to save their chips.

If you want to learn How to play: Five Card Draw you should know the basic structure of the game. This game is played with six players as the deck will not be able to support more than six players. When the game begins two players has to post blinds. This act is pre-draw. There is a big blind and the other is the small blind. The amount of the big blind is twice the amount of the small blind. The player who is on the left of the dealer posts the small blind. And the player who is on the left of this small blind posts the big blind.

The dealer button and each blind have to move clockwise each time at the end of the hand. The player who is exactly on the left of big blind starts the first round. To learn How to play: Five Card Draw one should know some terms. When the player matches the big blind it is termed as Calling. Another term Raising is used when a player doubles big blind that is in the pot. After the game has been started by the first player the game continues clockwise. This will continue until; all the players either folds or call the bet that is the largest.

The best and the most exciting part of the game is the Draw. On this every player has a chance to swap any number of hole cards that they have for fresh cards from the deck. After the draw is done the second round of betting starts. The players can take the actions whish are, to check or to bet or to call or raise or fold. Each action is done in a particular situation of the game. After this round when the players have either folded or called the maximum bet the round finish and then comes the time of showdown.

In the showdown the players flip their cards and the one who has the best hand finally win the pot. The five card draw has two variations one is the fixed limit five card draw and the other is the Pot limit five card draw. The rules are almost same but the structure of betting is not similar in both the games. So if you know the betting structures then you can know How to play: Five Card Draw.