History of Pai Gow Poker

Pai Gow Poker is one of the poker family card games. History of Pai Gow Poker shows that this game originally belongs to the ancient Chinese game called 'Pai Gow', which means, "make nine. The original game was a cryptic and symbolic game, played with dominoes and was very difficult to learn. In ancient Chinese, the word “p'ai” is used both for cards and dominoes because in China there is no main difference between cards and dominoes.

Pai Gow was first played in the US in the 1800s. In the late 20th century the game got transformed to the current form of Pai Gow Poker which is a combination of the ancient Chinese game Pai Gow and the modern game of poker. The history of Pai Gow Poker shows that it is thousands of years old and this fact increases the beauty of this game.

It entered Vegas casinos in 1987 but got popularity in California and surrounding areas. The game debuted in Atlantic City casinos in same year and become a very popular game of United States.

In Pai Gow Poker, a 53-card deck is used; an additional card is elected as wild card (usually a joker). Six players can play this game at a time. In this game two winning poker hands are needed to beat the banker's two hands. The player is dealt seven cards to be made into a five card hand, (which is high hand), and a two card hand (that becomes low hand). These hands are then played and ranked as expected poker hands.

The five card hand, which is the high hand, must be higher than the two card hand (low hand). If the high hand and the low hand are better than the banker's hands, player wins. If player lose on both hands, he loses the game. If there is tie then banker always wins.

Only plan which is needed in Pai-Gow poker is how much to bet and how to set your hand. If you stuck in the game and don't know what to do, just show your hand to the dealer and they will tell you how the house would set the hand. Pairs usually win the two-card hands, and two pair usually wins the five-card hands. A hand that has no pairs is called a Pai-Gow.

Online casinos have further increased the fun by giving players the chance to play from the comfort of their own environments rather than traveling to destinations to play the game. Some websites even offer free Pai Gow poker game; it is good for those who want to get some experience before going to bet on the hands.

Pai Gow Poker is an easy game to learn and play so it is suitable for both beginners and experienced players. The advantage of playing Pai Gow Poker is that a small bankroll is sufficient for a player to last a long time in the game because it is a slow moving game. This is a game that is great for a change in poker games where you find some variety in the way poker is played.