Omaha high & low

Things you need to know about the game

The basic point of difference between Omaha high & low and Omaha is that in this game the pot is divided equally between the player with the worst poker hand in ranking and the player who has the finest hand. As compared to the other game this game is difficult and need a bit of practice so that a person can understand the game. When a player sits down at the table he has to buy-in some chips with a minimum amount.

The bet limit which is the lowest in the game is the amount of the minimum buy-in. in this game there is a small circular disk that is placed on the table. This disk is called the dealer button and it is shifted to the left after every hand. The minimum number of players in this game is two and the maximum number is ten. The game starts with Blinds. The small blind is posted by the player who is left to the dealer button and the big blinds are posted by the player who is left to the small blind.

In Omaha high & low the amount of the minimum bet is the big blind and half of the amount of the minimum bet is the small blind. This is called blind as before seeing the pocket cards a player have to place a compulsory bet. Every player gets four hole cards and in order to make their best hand a player has to use tow of the hole cards and three of the community cards.

Generally the amount of bet is fixed for particular stakes. But the amount of betting can rise up to four times in each round. Just prior to the flop the first around of betting takes place. This is done by the players on the left of big blind and the last person to act is the dealer.

The second round begins after the flop. In this round the player who starts the action is the one on the left of dealer button. The fourth community card which is also called the 'turn', is given after completing the second betting round. The final card that is the fifth card, also known as 'river', is placed in the middle of the table with face up. After this step the final round is played.

After completing all the four betting rounds, in which the players lay the hole cards on to the table, a showdown takes place. When the final round of betting is complete at that time if there is more than one player, then the last person to bet will show his cards. The player who has the best hand of five cards wins half of the pot, and the other player who has the best low hand wins the further half. In the Omaha high & low the players have to use only two from among the four hole cards together with three cards that are taken from the board.