How to play poker? Learn Poker basics

Texas Holdem is the most popular form of poker in the world. And, a general reference to poker refers to this specific game. There is so much craze and appreciation for this game that poker is considered a game genre and not simply a game. The most popular poker games, played in different parts of the world are: -

Texas Holdem


7 Card Stud and

5 Card Draw

The general poker rules apply to all of these games. As a beginning towards learning the game, you will have to understand and imbibe the following Poker basics rules.

Poker Hand Ranking

Almost all poker games use poker hands and you must learn them. The different poker hand rankings are simple to understand. Each and every hand is explained here for your convenience and use:

High Card: The 'Ace High' has the highest worth because it has all of the cards in it.

Pair: This ranking is for two same rank cards.

Two Pairs: A ranking when two pairs of different types of cards appear.

Three of a kind: Also known as 'Trips', three same-rank cards appear in it.

Straight: When 5 cards rank according to numerical sequence.

Flush: This ranking is for 5 cards with the same suit./p>

Full House: A ranking with three cards of a kind and two of another kind.

Four of a kind: 'Quads' appear when a hand comes with 4 same-rank cards./p>

Straight Flush: 5 cards making a sequence rank and having same suit.

Winning Poker Hand

The winning poker hand is determined by a 'kicker'. A kicker is actually the highest card without taking in account the pair of aces. When a pair of aces appears for two players, the highest card after leaving the aces is sought. This card determines the player with the best hand and hence the winning hand.

Poker Glossary

Poker uses it own set of glossary and one can say that it has a language of its own. The terms are easy to learn and you can quickly grasp their meanings in the first reading.

Ante: It is a bet made by all of the players prior to dealing a hand. It is equal to the 'cost', of having to play the particular hand.

Bet: It means to put the amount in the pot.

Blind: It is occasionally used in place of 'ante'. It stands for a bet placed before dealing the hand, by a player on the left of dealer.

Bluff: When a player with a weak hand tries to make other players to drop out by betting aggressively, it is called bluffing.

Bug: The joker is called a bug in poker. The role of a bug varies across different poker games. In some games, it is used as a wild card, while in others it becomes an ace. In some games it can also become any card as per the need.

You must be aware of the other terms of this game which can be found in other card games. Buy-in, call, check, fold, hand, pot, raise, showdown, wild card are the other popular terms used in poker.

Poker Betting

Poker betting consists of the different actions which you may take in the betting round. All the betting actions are described here: -

Open: The 1st bet of the betting round is known as 'open'. Poker games where blinds are used, opening is done by the blind bets and not the other players.

Call: When a player faces a bet and agrees to match it without taking the stakes higher.

Check: When the player does not face a bet, it is called a 'check'. But a 'check' cannot be called against a blind.

Raise: It is used when a player faces a bet and agrees to match it, but without further taking the stakes ahead.

Fold: When the player folds, it means the cards are returned to the dealer by giving-up any chances of making a win on the present pot. The action of the player is frozen as long as the new hand does not begin.

These Poker basics will promisingly help you in learning the game of poker. The next step for you is to find a room online for start trying out your skills and luck.