The Rules of Poker for Beginner

As regards the rules of poker, the dealer needs to shuffle a deck of fifty two cards and he would not be playing. Nevertheless, if the casino concerned runs short of dealers, they are the players who deal the cards and therefore dealing of cards is done in turns in a clockwise manner. Whereas in case of games that have a dealer, a round disc is used known as the "dealer button", that shifts in a clockwise manner from one player to another with every hand. It is the button that actually signifies which player would come out to be the dealer, in case the dealing of the cards is to be done by the players themselves.

Initially, the button was known as the "Buck", and the phrase "the buck stops here", got its origin from this initial name of the button. Going further, there is hardly any antes needed from the players in the game of poker. In place of this, the game has two forced wagers known as Blinds. The game starts with two players sitting to the left side of the person dealing placing a pre-decided amount of money known as the blinds in the pot prior to the dealing of cards. Hence, the dealer has to ensure that there is some amount of money for every player to play with on each hand.

More often than not, the player sitting on the extreme left side of the dealer, also known as Small Blind puts on half of the minimum wager and person playing on his left side known as the Big Blind puts on the complete minimum wager. This process is known as "posting of blinds".

Every player is dealt with two cards facing downwards. The dealer of the game keeps the denominations of the player a secret, generally emphasized by hiding the cards with one hand by the time the dealer turns up a corner of the cards. In the game, the hole cards are supposed to be on the table but they can be raised at different intervals to ensure that the players have a complete sight of them. They are then need to be changed on the table and can be consulted at any point of time while the hand is going on, but only that player would be consulting it to whom those cards were dealt.

The sole goal of the game is to amalgamate the two cards with those five cards that would be ultimately be spread out in front of the dealer to bring out the best hand of poker among all the people playing the game. This hand can comprise of two cards that are faced down along with the three that are from the board, one card facing downwards and the four that are from the board and on a rare basis none of the cards facing downwards and only the board. The holder of such a hand would come out to be the winner of the game.